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Orthodox Calendar


Calendar - Printer Friendly - Table Format

Detailed Calendar with Readings Information

This page will print an Orthodox Calendar of Feasts and Fasts in a traditional or more printer friendly format, or a Detailed Calendar that gives the Saints, Fasting Information, and the Scripture Readings for the month selected.

Please select the Report you would like, and the Month and Year you would like it for, and Press the "Go" Button.


Please Note: If you use Firefox as your web browser, you can select "File, Print Preview" and then change the "Scale" percentage to print these reports larger or smaller. This is especially useful in getting the Calendar with icons to fit on a page.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 will also allow you to do this. It will also allow you to turn on and off the header and footer information with a single click, for a nicer looking calendar. Again, use the "Print Preview" function to do this.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and below do not have this functionality.

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